Virtual World Directs Elottery: Play Euro Millions

This article is about the euro-millions electronic lottery syndicate. Here’s a quick explanation of the process and how it can increase your chances of  data sgp winning. I have played the E-lottery Lotto, Euro Millions syndicate and can confirm that it delivers on its promises.

Lottery Syndicates are a way for players to pool their Lottery entries, which gives them a better chance of sharing the Lottery’s prize money. Camelot, the UK National Lottery operator, claims that 1 in 4 jackpots is won by Syndicates! Virtual World Directs E lottery allows you to participate in a Syndicate that has a difference.

Become a Syndicate Player and you will be entered into a Euro millions E-lottery syndicate with a total 39 players, including yourself, for the weekly Euro-millions draw. The common five numbers shared by all players, with the exception of the 2 star numbers. Each player in the Syndicate uses a different combination, none of which are repeated. This is done to increase your chances for winning.

You get 39 entries per draw with your syndicate entry. Here’s how.

Each line has the same five common numbers. For example, 1,4,7-13,23. Each Syndicate member is given a unique number that covers all star number combinations. The result guarantees a match between the star numbers on each Syndicate in every Euro-millions draw. The Syndicate must match only one number in each Euro-millions draw.

This increases your chances of winning a prize up to 3600%. The odds of winning the jackpot have dropped from matching 1 number plus 2 Lucky Stars to 1 in 103 to 1 in 3.

This is a great way to play Euro-millions. It also offers great value.