Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Control – Entertainment Made Simple

Universal remote controls are as common in households, as microwaves in the kitchens. On the one hand, a number of advanced solutions has definitely made modern people lazy. Not for nothing, a term like ‘coach potato’ appeared in our lexicon. On the other hand, everyday life seems to become easier 433 mhz remote control due to simplifying many problems. For better or for worse, an average home consumer can hardly imagine himself without a remote control, especially with a few devices to manage. So, if TV, a cable box & a DVD player are your own ‘home theatre’, you may want a single remote. These days, most devices come with universal clickers; however, they turn to be unsuitable for all used applications. In fact, here is the 1st smart choice of yours, when shopping for multipurpose remotes. Generally, how to wade through all that sea and pick your perfect one? Let the experts say!

The Best Remote Control System:

Your Needs vs. Your Wants
Certainly, TV remote controls have their specific requirements too. That’s because today’s entertainment systems greatly vary. So, in order to select a good remote control system, you must firstly determine 3 essential points.

1. ‘Clicker’ or ‘Remote Control System’?
Depending on the electronic devices you currently have, you may control various functions. They can be power and play, channels and adjustments, record modules and display, sound and so more. If having all the components in 1 room, you need a remote control. But if some of them are in different directions, your remote infer red beam will be helpless. In this case, introducing a radio frequency capable clicker is a problem solving agent. Point directly at the unit and it’ll get RF command. In other words, you need a programmable remote control system.

2. Type of Functionality
People often get confused with universal/programmable/learning remotes. If your current TV remote has unique features or buttons, you need a programmable remote. This way you’ll replicate the features and customize the buttons. Learning remotes mimic most features, but you have to keep the old clicker at hand. Universal remotes replace half a dozen clickers for different devices. Besides, they offer many programmable features. High-end remotes with touch screens are designed to operate everything.

3. How Many Users & Their Access to the System
This is also important when different members of the family need different settings or configurations. That’s why choose the TV remote system, which can be programmed and fully automated, especially such components, as sound, lighting and security. Due to automation, you’ll turn lights on schedule, set the alarms remotely and get alerted to fires and break-ins much faster. So, think of how many controls you actually need, and whether one universal remote can manage instead. Therefore, look at the row of top buttons: they are labeled with the operated devices (TV, DVD, Audio, and so more).